Clean-up underway after overnight flooding hits Glenties and Ardara

Council to meet over flooding in Glenties estate

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin



Gardens were flooded in Glenties yesterday and sandbags were used in a bid to stop the water

Heavy rain on Tuesday night caused overnight flooding in and around the town of Glenties and in Ardara.
Community activist, Brian Carr said that on Wednesday morning, Clós Naomh Chonaill was badly flooded. The area floods regularly and because of this a large pump is located on the estate. When flooding takes place the pump is used to rid the estate of excess water.
However, Mr Carr said this practice has to stop and something has to be done in relation to the matter.
“This has to be stopped. This is going on for too long,” he said.
Yesterday morning, Fianna Fáil Councillor, Anthony Molloy visited the estate.
He said: “There is a big problem there that needs to be addressed.
“We are having a meeting with the council next week. We have to address this situation.”
He added that a number of areas in Ardara have also been effected by this week’s flooding.