Fears that people are struggling to buy food across the county

Presses lying empty in many homes

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Fears that people may have no food

An urgent appeal for foodstuffs has been made by organisers of the foodbank in Letterkenny where they say stocks are running very low due to increasing demand on the service.
Foodbank PRO Patch Crossan said more and more families have been turning to the service for help. However, foodbank volunteers are struggling to meet the ever-increasing demands.
The foodbank, which provides food for individuals and families across the county, was established five years ago and now provides 150 families with food on a monthly basis.
“We had our first batch of clients on Christmas Eve five years ago, and we gave seven families food batches on that day,” Mr Crossan said.
“During the last year the demand has escalated. We are not just local as demand has grown. Now, we are keeping people alive. People are dependent on us.”
Mr Crossan said many families simply do not have the money to buy food and that the service is currently a ‘lifeline’ for them.
Empty food presses in homes is something that is becoming increasingly common, he said.
“There are hard times out there. It would certainly open your eyes for you. We are doing our very best but we are only scratching the surface,” he said.
Without the help and generosity of businessman, Alfie Green, the service would not exist, Mr Crossan said. You can leave food for the service at a host of local outlets.
You can also make inquiries at the Foodbank at 087 147 1325 or visit their website.