Let's go global on #LoveDonegalDay

Tell people why you love Donegal

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


We need your help to go global on #LoveDonegalDay

Donegal Connect is holding a #LoveDonegal day on Twitter today, Wednesday, August 14.
Organisers of the event need help from you, your family, your organisation, clubs and your business.
Donegal Connect want to hear from people who are from Ireland and living abroad or their ambassadors, Sarah Jessica Parker, Packie Bonner and people who are exceptionally well known, such as, Daniel O'Donnell.
If you live in Donegal, Tweet about your community, your business, your family, your work, where you live, your sports team or club – basically anything, using the hashtag #LoveDonegal.
If you don’t live here but visit or have roots here, you can Tweet about what you love about Donegal, your favourite places, people and things to do here, using the hashtag #LoveDonegal.
People are urged to use a photo in their tweet.
Organisers of Donegal Connect want to extend their links with those who have Donegal roots, the Donegal diaspora, and to promote the county to the widest possible global audience.