Tunnel Tigers monument unveiled at beautiful ceremony in Dungloe

Celebrating the lives of thousands of young men from Donegal who travelled the world constructing tunnels

Declan Magee


Declan Magee


Tunnel Tigers monument

The beautiful new Tunnel Tigers monument which was unveiled at a special ceremony in Dungloe on Wednesday afternoon PICTURE: BRENDAN 'TINY' VAUGHAN

Hundreds of people have attended the unveiling of a monument in west Donegal in memory of the so-called Tunnel Tigers from Donegal who lost their lives contracting on tunnels and subways in the UK and US.
The name Tunnel Tigers has been given to the thousands of young men from Donegal who travelled the world constructing tunnels.
Hundreds of men from Donegal are believed to have died in accidents in tunnels in Britain and the US stretching back to the 1940s.
The official unveiling of the monument took place yesterday at St Crona's Church in Dungloe.  The unveiling of the monument was carried out by the tunnel general foreman Pat Boyle.  People travelled from all around the world to attend the event, Hugh Rogers, chairman of the Donegal Tunnel Tigers Memorial Committee said.

Seamus McClafferty and Barney McFadden at the Tunnel Tigers monument which was unveiled in Dungloe PICTURE: MARY RODGERS

“Many of the Tigers themselves attended the event. We had people from all over the US, and Scotland. A lot of people travelled back for what was a big day in the history of Donegal,” he said.
“It is a fitting tribute to them. Miners came from all over Donegal but a lot of the miners came from west Donegal. It is a big tradition here.” 
The monument was sponsored by tunnel contractors Josie Gallagher, Tony McFadden, Dermot Kane and Tommy Gallagher. Dungloe company McGee Memorials designed and constructed the monument.
Those in attendance were told the monument was dedicated to the memory of all Donegal miners, whether they were killed in the tunnels by accident or as a result of illness/disease associated with working underground and to the many miners who are no longer with us for other reasons.