Call for more information on 5G in Donegal from councillor

5G information meeting in Bundoran this week

Declan Magee


Declan Magee


Call for more information on 5G  in Donegal from councillor

Protest have been held in Donegal against the erection of 5G masts

A call has been made for Donegal County Council to hold a workshop meeting to bring county councillors up to date on the issue of 5G amid concerns about the erection of communication masts in the county to bring the new generation of cellular technology.
Concerns have been raised about the potential impact of communications masts in Bundoran and Buncrana.
There are concerns that the long-term health risks of the radiation from 5G have not been tested rigorously and the potential impact on health is not known.
A public information meeting is being held in Bundoran on Friday night on 5G technology.
A county councillor has now called on Donegal County Council to host a meeting for county councillors so they can inform the public about the issues around 5G.
Cllr Niamh Kennedy, who raised the issue at Monday’s meeting of Donegal County Council, said there is “an awful lot of scaremongering about 5G” and the public does not know enough about the issue.
“We need a workshop so that we can get an understanding of it and of what is about to be opened up in our county,” the Killybegs councillor said.
“There is confusion out there and people are worried. The council needs to move to clarify concerns and confusion,” the Independent councillor said.
A council workshop should involve ComReg and some of the 5G companies involved.
“I am looking for the council to facilitate to give the councillors an understanding of what is going on. Public representatives are not representing people on this issue because they do not know the facts.
“ We can’t lead out on it as we don't have the knowledge so we need to find out more.”
Libby Duffy, who is organising the information meeting in Bundoran, said 5G masts have already been erected in Bundoran and Ballyshannon.
Concerns have also been raised about a mast in Buncrana.
Journalist, writer and editor John Weigel, who has been studying the topic of electromagnetic radiation for the past 13 years, will host the talk.
Other speakers on the night will include recent European election candidate and retired senior Defence Forces officer James Miller who was an outspoken voice against 5G during his campaign.
The event is taking place this Friday in the Bundoran Community Centre at 7.30pm. There is a cover charge of €5, free to OAPs and the unemployed.