Sixteen asylum seekers are arriving in Donegal today

Cllr calls for more transparency

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Sixteen asylum seekers are arriving in Donegal today

Councillor Liam Blaney has said that he has received confirmation that 16 asylum seekers are arriving in Donegal to stay in Port Salon for a period of around six months.

Speaking on Highland Radio, Cllr Blaney said the asylum seekers are expected to stay in emergency temporary accommodation for six months.

Cllr Blaney said: "It's the secrecy of the whole thing. It is very hard to get information on it, I've been looking for ten days...The local people feel let down by the powers-that-be that sixteen people coming to a remote area like Portsalon, it nearly doubles the population that is going to be about Port Salon in the winter time."

He said that during the summer time, Port Salon is a lovely place to be. He added that in winter time the area can be very different and those coming deserve better services.

"It is supposed to be emergency accommodation. I believe that the property is leased for six months to start of with but knowing the way that this government does things, I am quite sure that it will just be begining."

He said that he feels that there is a need for more transparency in relation to the process.