Swarm of honeybees causes a buzz in Letterkenny!

Beekeeper Charlie to the rescue

Diarmaid Doherty


Diarmaid Doherty


Bee story

Beekeeping enthusiast Charlie Ramsey gets to work with the honeybees on Letterkenny's Pearse Road

Saturday night in Letterkenny . . . there’s always a buzz around town.

But there were a few unexpected visitors who landed in town tonight - and they were creating a buzz of a very different kind.

A swarm of honeybees gathered on a wall along the town’s busy Pearse Road. They numbered a couple of thousand and it wasn’t long before they were drawing the attention of passers-by.

A short time later, bee enthusiast Charlie Ramsey arrived from Newtowncunningham and he set about gathering the bees into a hive.

Charlie with the honeybees (gathered on the wall) which were discovered at Pearse Road, at the bottom of Oliver Plunkett Road

“My son’s friend saw the bees and I got the call to come along,” Charlie said.

“It’s pretty unusual to happen upon a swarm like this. They’re honeybees. They will sting you, although the sting is not as bad as a wasp’s.”

Charlie got stung twice as he took a first look at the bees but once he got his head-veil and gloves on, he set to the task of encouraging the bees into his hive.

Fortunately it wasn’t long before the queen was in the hive and he was hoping the rest of the bees would soon follow suit.

The operation took place at the bottom of Oliver Plunkett Road and many passing motorists were stopping at the site of a beekeeper in action.

Mind you, not surprisingly, there weren’t too many who were  brave enough to put their windows down!

The bees start to move into one of Charlie's hives