Two top Donegal GAA officials facing eight week suspension


Tom Comack


Tom Comack


Two top Donegal GAA officials facing eight week suspension

Donegal GAA officials are in shock this week after learning that two leading officials in the county are facing a proposed eight week ban imposed by Croke Park.

Donegal secretary Aideen Gillen and Donegal Hearings’ Committee member Dan Hartnett are the officials in question. 

Donegal officials are not commenting on the suspension but it is believed they are in shock at the proposed  suspensions which were handed down at the end of last week. 

It is understood the suspensions have arisen after an investigation into an application by a club mentor/coach to the Mercy Committee in Croke Park. 

The appeal by the club mentor/coach was to have a year long ban reduced by a number of months. The mentor/coach had up to eight months of a 12 month suspension served for playing an overage player in an underage competition. 

It is understood the Donegal County Secretary, Ms Gillen, and Dan Harnett, who is a member of the Donegal Hearings’ Committee, sent letters of support to back the mentor’s appeal for a reduction in his sentence. 

Mr Hartnett, a member of the Letterkenny Gaels club, was the chairman of the Hearings’ committee at the time the mentor/coach was suspended. 

The secretary and Mr Harnett were charged with sending the letters of support without receiving approval of the Donegal County Committee.

When contacted this week, Donegal officials refused to comment on the matter until due process is completed. Both officials are expected to appeal the proposed bans which they are entitled to do under GAA rules. The officials will continue in their positions until the appeals process is completed.