National Lottery reveals Donegal is Ireland’s seventh luckiest county for top tier scratch card wins

New Golden 4’s and Silver 5’s scratch card launched ahead of Father’s Day this weekend

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Staff Reporter


National Lottery Reveals Donegal is Ireland’s seventh luckiest county for top tier scratch card wins

The National Lottery has compiled a definitive list of Ireland’s luckiest counties when it comes to winning the top prize when playing scratch cards. This analysis shows that Donegal is the seventh luckiest county with 14 players claiming top prizes worth €945,000 in winnings from scratch cards. 

Since 2015, there have been a total of 402 winners who have won top tier prizes, which are the maximum cash prizes on a given scratch card game, worth a massive total of €22,565,000 when playing National Lottery scratch card games.

Scratch card players in Dublin came out on top with 102 players winning more than €5.3 million in top tier prizes. Tipperary came in second place with an incredible €1,695,000 in top prizes shared among 20 winners. Cork came third with €1,580,000 won by 39 individual players while Wexford and Kildare round off the top five with total top prize scratch card wins of €1,415,000 and €1,385,000 respectively. The full county by county stats can be viewed below.

New Scratch Card Game Launched

Ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June, the National Lottery has launched a brand new €5 scratch card game, ‘Golden 4’s & Silver 5’s’ which contains four top prizes of €45,000 with a total prize fund of over €4 million.

Speaking on the release of these findings and on the release of the ‘Golden 4’s & Silver 5’s’ scratch card, a National Lottery spokesperson said: “Scratch cards remain one of the most popular pastimes for our players and these statistics show why. Whether you are looking for an ideal last minute gift or looking for that extra gift to pop into his card, scratch cards make the ideal gift for your dad this Father’s Day. There are so many great cash prizes to win on the full suite of 21 National Lottery scratch card games. Not only could you change his life but, with a big cash win, you could also become his favourite child!”


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