Donegal Minister Joe McHugh makes special delivery in the UAE

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Donegal Minister Joe McHugh makes special delivery  in the UAE

Minister Joe McHugh with Michael and Avril Carr and their daughter Carbella in Abu Dhabi

The Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh, who is currently on a fact-finding mission in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in an attempt to attract some of the many Irish teachers in the UAE back home again, acted a "postman" in searing temperatures.
McHugh hand-delivered an Irish passport to one of the newest Irish citizens - Carbella Carr from Kilcar who was appropriately dressed in a colourful Studio Donegal scarf.
Carbella is the daughter of Michael and Avril Carr who are working in Abu Dhabi.
There are now thousands of Irish people working in the UAE with the main attractions being the tax-free status, free accommodation, salaries and lifestyle.
One former resident said: "Crime here given the strict laws is very low. It is such a lovely feeling to leave your bag on the table with your wallet or phone and nobody would touch it.
“ I leave my car unlocked at night with never an issue.
"Walking around at night I always feel safe .
“There is a massive Irish community here and a massive ex-pat community in general and it is fantastic, I never thought I would be playing GAA, Golf and Rugby in the middle of the desert but there you go.”