LIFFORD-STRANORLAR LEA: Two more candidates eliminated after the sixth count

Liam Doherty stretches lead over Garvan Connolly in race for sixth seat

Diarmaid Doherty


Diarmaid Doherty



6th count

Staff at the count centre in Stranorlar

Things are moving swiftly along at the Finn Valley Centre in Stranorlar where the sixth count has taken place in the Lifford-Stranorlar LEA.

This count saw the distribution of Independent candidate Michael De Ward's 244 votes. He was eliminated after the fifth count.

Liam Doherty's lead over Garvan Connolly in the race for the sixth seat has stretched out to 81 votes. 

Two more candidates - John Hartnett (Aontu) and Maghnus Monaghan (Renua) have been eliminated and their 581 votes will be distributed in the 7th count.

Results of sixth count - distribution of Michael De Ward's 244 votes

Quota: 1,406

Connolly Garvan FG +24  . . . 893

Doherty Liam, SF +45  . . . 974 

Hartnett John, Aontu +19  . . . 264

McBrearty Frank, FG +21 . . . 1,079

McMenamin Alan, Non party +68  . . .605

Monaghan Maghnus, Renua +7  . . . 317

Non-effective votes in this count - 60


Elected after the first count

Doherty Gary, SF 1,571

Harley, Martin FG 1,688

McGowan, Patrick FF 1,606


Elected after the third count

Crawford Gerry FF 1,468

Eliminated after the 5th count

De Ward, Michael Ind 244

Eliminated after the 6th count

Hartnett John, Aontu 264

Monaghan Maghnus, Renua 317