Local election candidate calls for road funding on Donegal islands and in the Gaeltacht

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


A local candidate in the Glenties Electoral Area has called on the Government to restore both the Strategic Road Grants and the Bóithre Aise Grants for non-county roads.

"No specific funding has been available for Gaeltacht roads since 2010 and action needs to be taken by the Minister in order to address the massive imbalance which now exists in Gaeltacht areas and that includes our island communities," Fianna Fáil candidate Noreen McGarvey said.

The Burtonport-based candidate said that investment in Gaeltacht areas and on island communities is not keeping pace with other areas of the county at present:  "It is in that context that I am calling on the Government to fully restore the Bóithre Straitéiseach and Boithre Aise road Grants in order to ring fence money for Gaeltacht areas."

Noreen said it seems logical to restore the schemes in the manner in which it previously operated.

Ms McGarvey said that the current LIS programme does not cater for all applications whereas Scéim Bóithre Áise had greater emphasis on households and roads which have residents on them as opposed to agriculture holding which is the focus at present on LIS.

An increased level of funding for LIS needs to be considered also, as currently a massive backlog exists on the LIS waiting list of eligible projects she said.

"I am calling on the Government to commit to restoring a greater level of investment in Gaeltacht infrastructure, additional funding is urgently needed for Gaeltacht roads," she said.