Accident warning at busy south Donegal junction

Declan Magee


Declan Magee


Accident warning at busy south Donegal  junction

Residents in Drimark want a roundabout on the N56 at a busy junction

Residents in the Drimark and Rossylongan area outside Donegal town have warned that a junction on the N56 will be the scene of a serious accident unless action is taken.
A delegation of residents from the area has called on Donegal County Council to build a roundabout at the junction on the main road between Donegal town and Mountcharles to improve road safety.
They say a total of around 200 homes are located close to the roundabout.
The Rossylongan Road leads to Donegal Rugby Football Club, the popular Holmes beach and an oyster farm.
A road on the other side of the N56 leads to Drimark.
Residents told this week’s the April meeting of the Donegal Municipal District that they believe there is the possibility to construct a roundabout due to the fact the council owns land close to the junction.
Resident Alex Reid said the project could involve the construction of a “mini-park”.
He said the junction is dangerous and there are frequent near misses on it.
Mr Reid said the rugby club is very busy on Saturday and on one night during the week.
Horseboxes frequently use the road and there is an oyster farm with 28 people working there and more than 40 during the summer. Some of them cycle to work he said.
A letter read to the meeting from one resident, Siobhan Gallagher, said she has lived there for 14 years and in that time traffic had increased on the N56 and Rossylongan Road.
There are a lot of school-going children in the area, she said.
“There have been so many near misses. We don't want a near miss turning into a tragedy,” her letter said.
The speed of traffic is dangerous for children on bikes. She said a roundabout at the junction would serve as a traffic calming measure.
John Cooke, who has lived there for 40 years, said a large amount of traffic gathers at the junction.
“Good judgment is required at the junction. It would only take one slight error by a driver to cause an accident.”
Cathaoirleach of the MD Cllr Micheál Naughton said the council would take the concerns on board.
“Like everything else it requires funding and if we had funding for everything, stuff like this would be done already,” he said.
“If people feel lives are being endangered we have to heed those concerns.”
Area Manager for Roads, Mark Sweeney, said a vacant house close to the junction is listed.
He said he has asked the road design team to look at the junction.
Any move would require discussion with Transport Infrastructure Ireland and would have to be approved by them, he added.