Money allocated for roads in the Gaoth Dobhair area

Cllr John Shéamais Ó Fearraigh names the roads allocated funding

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Port Arthur beach

Money allocated for beach road

Almost twenty thousand euro has been allocated for the R257 in Bunaninver.
The Cathaoirleach of the Glenties Municipal District, Cllr John Shéamais Ó Fearraigh, has announced that the road from Bun an Inver to teach Francie Coyle has been allocated €19,305.00.
The road is one that is very much used by locals but it had fallen to a state of disrepair this year.
It is used in the summer by locals and tourists to make their way to the picturesque beach and pier in the area.

Port Arthur 
Cllr Ó Fearraigh said that €18,900 has been allocated for the road to Port Arthur beach.
The road from the bridge to the end of the road will be repaired as a result of the funding.
The road is used by people to access the beach and is exceptionally popular with those who like to jog and run.
Mr Ó Fearraigh said that he has been working closely with the local committee in relation to the funding.


Almost one hundred thousand euro has been allocated to the chapel road in Brinalack.
Cllr Ó Fearraigh announced that €94, 410 for the road on Tuesday.
Funding of €32,340 has been allocated from the school in Cnoc a' stolaire to Mín a' Dhubh.
It is expected that works will be carried out on the roads in the coming months much to the Councillor's delight.