If the cap fits . . . wear it! - Trade delegation from the US visits Donegal

Boston Senator leads US delegation to the county

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


US visit to Donegal

Eleanor Hanna shows the Boston Senator Nick Collins the art of the perfect stitching at Hanna Hats PICTURE: MATT BRITTON

A trade delegation from the East Coast of the USA led by Senator Nick Collins from Boston today took the opportunity to visit Hanna Hats in Donegal.

And it was very much a case of "If the hat fits, let's wear it" with most of the guests departing looking like the cast of Peaky Blinders!
The delegation is part of the Donegal Connect initiative and they are visiting the county with the objective of forming much stronger trade links.

Ava Hanna serves up the fresh scones to the American visitors led by Senator Nick Collins, her grandfather John and Garry Martin of Donegal County Council. PICTURE: MATT BRITTON 

Donegal Connect is a collaborative project between the private and public sector in Donegal aimed at creating job opportunities for the county.
Those behind the project want to engage with our Diaspora, both overseas and within Ireland, and anyone considering coming to Ireland, to entice them to make the journey to Donegal to explore the county and to find out why it is a wonderful county to visit, to invest in, to live in and be educated in.

Staying in Lough Eske Castle, the US delegation received a homely welcome at Hanna Hats where they were treated to the very freshest of tea and scones and a true Donegal welcome.