Donegal local elections: Tom Conaghan rubbishes rumours

Another independent candidate joins the race in Donegal MD

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Tom Conaghan rubbishes rumours

Tom Conaghan has confirmed that he will be contesting the elections

With the local and European elections now only months away the Donegal Municipal District is fast becoming a very crowded arena with new faces emerging almost on a weekly basis.

On Tuesday last sitting councillor Tom Conaghan confirmed that he will be contesting the election despite rumours to the contrary.
Conaghan said: “I am aware of the rumours that have been circulating indicating that I was not running because of health reasons and whatever else they could think of.
“Coincidentally, I am just coming from the doctor this morning after a routine check up and have got a clean bill of health - I am fit and just raring to go.
“I think I have proved my commitment to Donegal town and the whole surrounding areas and intend to continue this over the next number of years.
“There are a lot of issues to be addressed in this area - yes, employment is greatly improving but we have housing difficulties, health and major waiting list problems - these are all local issues and we have to address them. Just this week plans have been submitted for a cinema for the town. We have to make our voices heard to ensure that these things happen.
“A councillor's role is not all about getting potholes fixed. These are important but I do think we have to take in the bigger picture as well.”

Justin Coughlin, Donegal town, pictured here with his wife Aggie, who will contest the election as an independent candidate

Meanwhile another candidate entered the race this week with Ballyshannon native Justin Coughlin announcing his candidature.
Coughlin has been living in Donegal town for quite some time and this week addressed issues in relation to parking in Donegal town and the relocation of the planned public library to the St. John Bosco Centre.
With Fianna Fáil confirming they will be adding a fourth candidate and Fine Gael adding Barry Sweeny, there are others expected to declare they are also in the contest.