Councillor wants plans put in place to deal with summer issues at Donegal beach

Illegal trading, parking and litter just some of the annual headaches at beauty spot

Declan Magee


Declan Magee


Rossnowlagh beach

The beautiful Rossnowlagh beach - there are calls for plans to address ongoing summer issues

A call has been made for a special meeting to be held to discuss issues at Rossnowlagh beach ahead of this year’s summer season.
Issues around the use of cars, littering, and beach trading emerge annually at the beach during periods of warm weather.
Now a call has been made for Donegal County Council to seek special funding to manage the beach and build facilities at it.
Cllr Barry O’Neill made the call at the February meeting of the Donegal Municipal District.
He said a special meeting was needed to deal with the beach ahead of summer 2019 and into the future.

He said there was a beach management plan years ago through Peace funding but further funding is needed to plan the beach.
“We need a beach management strategy for Rossnowlagh beach because there are so many activities going on at the beach on a busy day,” he said.
Cllr O'Neill said that without the work of the council and the Friends of Rossnowlagh there could have been “a disaster at the beach for a number of reasons”.
The Ballyshannon councillor said there needs to be a very good plan put in place for infrastructure and facilities.
Funding should be available from the Peace fund because of the annual influx of visitors from Northern Ireland both to the beach and to the annual July 12 parade by the Orange Order, he said.
“It must be a great opportunity for Donegal County Council to lead on a Peace project to rebuild Rossnowlagh because it is a six-counties destination.”
Changing rooms, footpaths, car parks, and proper toilets are all needed, he said.
“We need a meeting to look at the incredible resource we have in Rossnowlagh,” Cllr O’Neill added.
“We need as a council to come up with a strategy for Rossnowlagh and put together a funding application. We also need a full review of the beach management bylaws,” he said.
He said the bylaws mean there should not be trading on the beach but this was being ignored.

Retail units
He said retail units should be developed for the summer season.
“At the minute Rossnowlagh is just out of control on a busy day and there are no winners. It is so busy it is not safe at times.”
He said the beach does not have proper facilities.
“There is a whole raft of issues that need to be discussed,” he added.