Cathal Gallagher's staggering week on Operation Tranformation

Ballyshannon leader loses a whopping 11.5lbs in one week

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Operation Transformation

Cathal, along with his wife Agi and their daughter Miah, out for a stroll with paramedic colleagues from across the region who have shown superb support for the ‘Operation Transformation’ leader

Ballyshannon’s Cathal Gallagher has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations with his weight loss this week.
Last week the Operation Transformation leader encountered a slight blip which was purely down to a change in medication but last night he bounced back with a staggering weight loss of 11.5lbs.
Obviously delighted with the result Cathal jokingly said that many of the locals were now telling him that he was fading away to nothing.
“My target now for next week is 3lbs which might seem comparatively small but it still requires the work. At the moment I weigh 23st 11lbs which is a total loss of 41lbs which in itself is a total transformation,” he said
“As the saying goes, I have a lot done but still more to do. The worst thing that can happen any of us is to get complacent.
“Realistically probably the easiest thing to do is to shed the pounds but keeping it off is where the hard work really sets in. The amount of support I am getting, not just at home but everywhere I go, is a real motivator.”
Cathal talked about his overall experience to date saying: “The physical changes that occur when you lose weight are obvious. You get a much healthier body and lessen your chances for many life-threatening diseases.
“However, the psychological side of weight loss is equally important. There is a much greater feelgood factor, your whole self-esteem grows and your whole quality of life greatly improves.
“I am now starting to like myself again. I had the attitude in the past “who cares”. The difference is that now I care.
“I am out there working for me and my community and it can be an emotional journey. This is having a profound effect on me and people that I speak with.
“I am out there now in the fresh air surrounded by many new friends. I have targets and can feel myself getting back to the Cathal I used to be.