Love is in the hair at one very popular hair salon

By Fionnuala McGovern


By Fionnuala McGovern



Love yourself this Valentine's day

Today is Valentine’s Day and I feel that I should say something about it because no matter whether you are single or in a relationship, today will have some affect on you.
If you are having a bad hair day take out that scarf or hat you love and wear it with joy. Or better still, why don’t you actually spoil yourself by using some of those hair treatments that are sitting on that shelf in the bathroom?
Today is the time to do it, today is the day to love yourself, give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved.
So my advice to you today is to put on your favorite jumper, go for a lovely walk , tell yourself how great you truly are , treat yourself to a nice blow dry perhaps , cook your self a nice dinner and visit a friend.
All of the above are sure to bring a smile to your glowing face after that walk.

Spoil yourself

On this day, most people think that others are sitting in heart-filled eateries, holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes in a haze of love.
This isn’t always the case.
And for the men out there who are reading this, cook dinner, go and get some nice flowers, book a meal for the weekend (not tonight). Make the dinner, get out the body oil for a massage, or very simply tell your lady how great she looks and that you could not be without her.
So, take my advice, celebrate yourself today.
Love yourself today and do treat yourself like you deserve to be treated.
And, if you feel like it, enjoy a bath and pamper yourself.
Treat your luscious locks to some of those treatments that you bought with great intentions.
Your hair deserves some love too.