Foul language: Donegal woman writes chalk messages to highlight dog fouling

Ballyshannon community activist hits out at dog owners

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Foul language:  Donegal woman writes chalk messages to highlight dog fouling

Valerie McNulty has been highlighing the issue of dog fouling

A Donegal community activist has found a novel way of highlighting the issue of dog fouling in her area.

Valerie McNulty has taken to writing messages in chalk to highlight dog fouling in Ballyshannon.

She said she spent over three hours writing messages in chalk where she found dog fouling in the town.

The messages noted how prams, children, and others had been forced to walk through the dog droppings across the town.

“It's disgusting that streets are left like this and it's unbelievable you have to tell grown adults to clean up after their dogs,” she said.

“It is the owners who need to be more responsible. Not only is it unsightly for the entire community, but also it can have negative health consequences, especially for children."

She said her action has gathered a lot of support from the local community and on social media.

The candidate in the local elections said supporters of the action are commenting from counties around Ireland and noted the problem was not unique to Donegal.  

More should be done in order to discourage irresponsible dog owners from simply walking away from their responsibilities, she said.

Ms McNulty has called on dog owners to respect all in the community, be responsible and clean up after their dogs.

“There are various community groups that have organised clean-ups of their area and I commend them for their hard work and dedication. However, it should not be left to others to literally pick up others s***. What has happened to personal responsibility, love of our beautiful surroundings and basic cop on?”