Six mobile phone blackspots identified in Donegal

Authorities engaged in plans to improve service

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Six mobile phone blackspots identified in Donegal

Mobile phone blackspots

There are six mobile phone blackspots in County Donegal according to data provided by Donegal County Council (DCC) to the Department of Communications as part of an initiative to identify priority blackspots and take action to address the issue.

The information came to the fore as a result of Deputy Dara Calleary asking the Minister for Communications, Sean Canney, which local authorities had supplied his department with information regarding local mobile phone blackspots in their area, the number of blackspots identified by each local authority and the funding and guidance supports that are available to the authorities to map the blackspots. 

Seventeen of the thirty one local authorities have provided data on blackspots. 

According to the figures, Longford has the most blackspots with 84 being identified, Galway has 64, Kerry has 56, Carlow has 36 whilst Mayo and Sligo have 2. 

The Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce was established in July 2016 to examine broadband and mobile phone coverage deficits in Ireland and identify tangible actions to improve the quality of these services.

A call was issued to all Local Authorities in 2018 to map local blackspots and identify infrastructure that could potentially be used to improve telecommunications services.

The number of blackspots changes as new telecommunications infrastructure is rolled out and upgraded.

The imminent publication of ComReg's national coverage map will give a more accurate reflection of mobile phone coverage throughout the country.

The Department of Communications recently awarded a grant of €35,000 to erect a mobile phone mast in Malin Beg under the Digital Innovation Programme.