Jailed for attack in Bundoran on US national

Glass smashed into man's face

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Democrat Reporter

Jailed for attack in Bundoran on US national here on exchange programme

A young Bundoran man, who smashed a glass against another man's head and spat at him was jailed for four months at Sligo District Court.

The victim, William Craig, a US national in Ireland on an exchange programme told the court, that after Calvin McCormac (21), with an address at the Gaelic Park, Bundoran “smashed the glass in the side of my face” a “big circle formed” and that “two people spat at me and said "welcome to Ireland”.

McCormac pleaded guilty to assaulting William Craig at the Chasing Bull, Main Street in Bundoran on October 20, 2018.  Solicitor for McCormac, John Anderson, told the court that his client was apologetic to the victim.

The court heard from the victim, William Craig, a USA national in Ireland on an exchange programme. He said on the night he was in the Chasing Bull smoking area and that his friend had asked a man for a cigarette and that he had grabbed his friend by the throat. 

Mr Craig then said that someone “smashed a glass in the side of my face”. After that incident, he said a “big circle formed “ and that “two people spat at me and said 'welcome to Ireland'”. 

He told the court that he was in Ireland as part of a gap year for three months and that he would be in Ireland for a further two weeks.  Mr Craig told the court that he had a scar on the side of his face following the assault. 

He said that the glass “broke on impact” with his face and that he was “bleeding badly”.  Following the assault, Mr Craig walked home and an ambulance was called. 

Garda Keith Farragher gave evidence to the court in which he said that he had viewed the CCTV footage of the incident.  In the footage, he said that Mr Craig and McCormac could be seen “squaring up” and that McCormac had made “like a fist with a glass in his hand”. 

He said the footage showed Mr Craig “struck with a glass and then they [William Craig and Clavin McCormac] were pulled apart and he [William Craig] was struck again two times by the defendant and then he spat into his [William Craig's] face”. 

John Anderson said that his client had been attending a funeral the day previous to the incident. He said that there was some “interaction” between the two men in the smoking area and that “Mr McCormac regrettably had a glass in his hand”. 

He said that it was “totally out of character” for his client and that he had a letter from McCormac's former school principal.  John Anderson said that McCormac was taking part in a course to “help him with employment”.  He said that McCormac was a man of “limited means” but that he is “seeking employment” and would compensate the victim. 

Judge Kevin Kilrane said that William Craig would be “left with what will probably be a permanent scar”.  He said “anyone who would do this in the spur of the moment most show remorse” but that McCormac was “not finished and the defendant further assaulted him [William Craig]”. 

The judge said that it was a “shocking” case and despite McCormac having no previous convictions, being a young man, pleading guilty and showing remorse, it was “not enough to avoid a prison sentence”. 

Judge Kilrane convicted McCormac and sentenced him to four months in prison.