Problem with Japanese knotweed rooted out in Dungloe

Councillor hopes that scheme can be used to benefit other communities

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Problem with Japanese knotweed rooted out in Dungloe

The issue of the Japanese Knotweed has been dealt with so well in Dungloe that Councillor Marie Therese Gallagher feels that other communities could benefit from the scheme. 

She was speaking at the Glenties Municipal District meeting in Dungloe this morning. 

Cllr Gallagher said that the person who carried out the work said he was delighted with the result of the scheme when he returned last week. 

"It could be beneficial to other communities," she said. 

She said that an evaluation report could be carried out on the work.

The roads department of the Donegal County Council (DCC) also has a programme to spray Japanese knotweed.

The area from Falcarragh to Cresslough has been sprayed. Japanese Knotweed lines certain areas of the road from Gortahork to Burtonport and will be dealt with in due course. 

The sprayer will be coming into the Rosses areas in the next few days. 

DCC have been trialing treatment methods and it has been established that this time of the year is the best time to carry out the spraying service.