Festival appeals for missing crowd barriers

Mary From Dungloe festival will have to pay for 19 missing barriers after they disappeared from the main street

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

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The director of the Mary From Dungloe International Festival has appealed for missing crowd barriers from the festival to be returned.

The festival had hired 200 barriers for the festival’s parade in Dungloe and they had been left on the town’s main street for collection.

But when they were collected by the hire company 60 were missing. It has since emerged that a number were taken by another festival with the permission of the hire company.

Director of the Festival Joe O’Donnell said a number of barriers have also turned up after being ‘left at the back of people's houses’.

Mr O'Donnell has now appealed for the remaining 19 barriers to be returned and has asked that anyone who has any information about any of the missing barriers to get in touch with the festival.

“If the barriers do not turn up we will have to pay for them if we don’t return them,” he said.