A starving and pregnant dog ate stones before giving birth

Donegal animal charities in vital need of funds, volunteers and resources

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


A starving and pregnant dog had to eat stones before giving birth

A starving dog passed stones after she had been rescued by good-hearted citizens and brought to the Animal in Need shelter in Donegal Town. 

Hours later, the dog, now called 'Sansa' gave birth to five beautiful puppies.

The dog was found wandering on the car park, dodging cars, accompanied by a 6-week-old kitten in Donegal Town. 

Gitte McMullan who runs the Donegal charity said that no micro-chip was found on either animal and following a nice dinner both settled down.

She said: "There was great shock when Sansa went into labour and gave birth to five stunning puppies, within only 6 hours of coming into our care. Sansa proved to be a great mummy despite her young age."

She said that the dog later passed stones which leads her to believe that the abandoned dog had been so hungry she had to resort to eating stones.