Profile of Tommy 'Fingers' Gallagher - a living legend

Michael Daly


Michael Daly


Profile of  Tommy 'Fingers' Gallagher - a living legend

Tommy 'Fingers' Gallagher features in Thursday's Donegal Democrat

There's a brilliant profile in Thursday's Donegal Democrat of one of the county's living legends - the one and only Tommy 'Fingers' Gallagher from Cluain Barron in Ballyshannon.

Written by Gerry McLaughlin, it is a wonderful piece, and I would strongly recommend that you get your copy of the paper to read about Tommy, a man everyone seems to have met or heard about in this county and beyond.

One of my own favourite stories about 'Fingers' involves another famous Cluain Barron native, the actor Sean McGinley.

Legend has it that one night in the Lakeside Centre in Ballyshannon he was met by one of Tommy's daughters, I think it was Mary (she'll correct me if I'm wrong). She asked Sean, having been in all those films and on television, what it was like to be famous.

Sean came back quick as a flash: "Go ask your father".

'Magic Fingers' - a profile of the legend Tommy Gallagher is on page 14 of today's new-look Donegal Democrat.