Today's the day as Donegal and Fermanagh meet in unique final

Go Donegal Go

Michael Daly


Michael Daly


Today's the day as Donegal and Fermanagh meet in unique final

Donegal and Fermanagh supporters from Pettigo getting ready for the Ulster championship final in Clones today. Picture: Thomas Gallagher

With 'sold out' notices going up a dozen at a time on social media, today's Ulster final, a unique pairing, has, as we said during the week, caught the imagination of so many.

For Donegal and Fermanagh fans travelling this morning to the game, the message is take your time, let's not make headlines for the wrong reasons, the roads will be busy, maybe leave ten minutes earlier than you planned to?

Gardai told the Democrat a short time ago that people going to the game should think about alternative routes to the game as the usual routes will be busy with so many Fermanagh fans also on the roads.

Another important message for the fans is to wear sun protection - while there might be shore breezes for Donegal's coastal dwellers, Clones will be a cauldron on and off the field. It's going to be seriously warm, so hats, sun screen and water are a must.

It's a great day and with so many friends in Fermanagh we wish Fermanagh good luck today, but you'll forgive us for saying Go Donegal Go and bring back a ninth Ulster title.

See you in Clones folks!!!