The beach will be a hot favourite in Donegal this week as temperatures threaten to soar

It's time to get ready for a spate of really good weather

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Met Éireann forecasts great weather

Met Éireann give favourable forecast

Temperatures are set to soar in Donegal in the coming days and the mercury could tip the high 20's. 

Met Éireann has forecast that Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend in Donegal and temperatures are set to increase further if a mass of high pressure stagnates over the country. 

A spokesperson for Met Éireann said: "It is gradually going to become warmer. It will still be cool in Donegal tomorrow, it will be similar to today. Saturday will be warmer and the temperature on Sunday should be around 21 degrees."

Northwest breezes will be moderate, occasionally fresh in strength.

Next week will be very warm with sunshine prevailing. 

Temperatures next week are forecast to be 'mid to high twenties' in Donegal, according to Met Éireann. 

And, before we go declaring a heatwave for Donegal, it is worth noting that weather forecasters state that the temperature must be above 25 degrees for five days running before we can officially use the term heatwave.