Health column: Living the life that we want

Life Coach Margaret Ferry begins a new column with the Donegal Democrat

Margaret Ferry


Margaret Ferry


Health column: Living the life that we want

My name is Margaret Ferry and I am from a beautiful gaeltacht village in north west Donegal, Loch an Iúir.

I am a life coach and an NLP practitioner. I help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want.

I see clients on a one to one basis, I facilitate personal development courses for students and adults, and I am a motivational speaker.

I love what I do; because I help people find a faster path to a better life.

In my first column for the Donegal Democrat, I am going to focus on 'peace of mind'.

Peace of Mind:

I have noticed as a life coach that many of us just want peace of mind, and by that I mean a sense of calmness inside our busy mind.

We know we want to change; we plan how to change but unfortunately fail to execute it because most of us are on autopilot and just seem to be existing - working 9 to 5 and living for the weekend, or that annual one week holiday to the sun.

I suggest we start living now, go after what we want, I help people discover their wildest dreams and eradicate their fears of chasing them. They are never real fears - they are only unreal catastrophic thoughts.

Margaret Ferry

What is the alternative to not living the life we want? Stay as we are in a busy head with an unfulfilled aspect of our life with a lack of peace of mind.

And that lack of peace can cause poor sleep pattern which affects our health, and poor health can cause irritability and a disharmony in relationships with family, friends and colleagues which in turn can cause isolation and loneliness. Is that living the life that you want?

We live in an era where “it’s okay not to be okay”, but could it not be that we seek help and guidance and start living the life we want and be happy?