Tributes paid to late Highland Radio broadcaster Vincent Kelly

Presenter was involved in the station from its founding 28 years ago

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Tributes paid to late High Radio broadcaster Vincent Kelly

The late Vincent Kelly.

Tributes have been paid to Highland Radio broadcaster Vincent Kelly who has died.
Mr Kelly passed away at the Foyle Hospice in Derry on Monday morning.
From Derry, he had been involved in radio stations in north Donegal such as NWCR, Radio North, and DCR before joining Highland Radio.
He was involved in Highland Radio from its launch in 1990, worked as a technician and broadcaster.
Vincent became known for his distinctive radio voice which was suited to the late night slots which he normally occupied.
He was a passionate music fan and his shows encompassed a wide range of music.
His last broadcast for the station was on New Year’s Eve.
Former Highland Radio presenter and director Shaun Doherty paid tribute to his former colleague on air this morning.
“He was a great guy and a very big-hearted man,” he said on the Nine til Noon Show.
“I knew him from obviously the early days of Highland Radio. He was a true friend." 
He paid tribute to Vincent's strength in the face of illness.
“One thing that stands out for me is his strength through this,” he said.
“He was just a natural, he did not have to try. He connected with the audience. When people were listening to Vincent they felt he was talking to them personally.
“Vincent was the friend in the car, or the friend in the kitchen or the friend in the living room, wherever ever the radio was. A great guy, massive heart - reflected in the music he played. He played a lot of love songs. He played songs you might have heard him play every week. Love epitomised the man he was. He was a very loving man, a very kind man, a very loyal man, a very generous man. He is going to be so deeply missed.”

Programme controller at the station, Linda McGroarty, said Vincent was a natural broadcaster with a great connection with his audience.
“He was here from the start. He was our technical engineer and went to outside broadcasts, matches and religious broadcasts. He was our technical guy. He was an engineer, very technically minded.”
But he always had a presence behind the mic as well.
“He started on Saturday nights from 12 midnight to 2am, then 10 pm to 1am and then on Sunday nights from 11pm to 1am. He did regular fill-ins but his voice really did suite the night time. Old smoothie we called him.
"Vincent was never into TV. He would sit listening to music for hours and hours on end. He had a broad taste - everything from The Beatles to Beethoven you could hear him play. He was an absolute gentleman and a friend to all of us. He was very much part of the Highland family from day one.”