Lotto fever grips Donegal as tonight's jackpot soars to a mega €8 million

Democrat Reporter


Democrat Reporter

Lotto fever in Donegal  as tonight's jackpot soars to a mega €8 million

It could be you ....

Lotto fever has taken hold in Donegal, and across Ireland, as the jackpot for tonight’s draw soars to a mega €8 million.

The Lotto jackpot has been rolling since March 24th and is now at its highest level of the year, a National Lottery spokesperson said today.

“Over the last 30 years we have had 1,740 Lotto jackpot winners scooping dream prizes totaling over €2.5 billion. We would love to have another winner tonight. That would certainly send temperatures rising again after the scorching weekend the country enjoyed!”

The spokesperson added: “We are advising players to buy their tickets early in store, at or through the National Lottery App.”  

Nearly 30 cent in every euro from National Lottery sales goes back to Good Causes in the areas of sport, health, youth, arts, culture, heritage and the Irish language. In total more than €5 Billion has been raised for Good Causes since the National Lottery was established 30 years ago. Last year National Lottery sales raised approximately €226 million for the Good Causes Fund, an increase on the €213 million raised in 2016.