Judge warns that failure to attend jury service in Donegal could result in prosecution

Comments made after poor jury attendance at Letterkenny Circuit Court

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

New Donegal circuit court judge welcomed at first official sitting

Judge John Aylmer.

A circuit court judge has warned that members of the public in Donegal who failed to turn up for jury service at the current sitting of the circuit court in Letterkenny could face prosecution.

Judge John Aylmer told this morning’s sitting of Letterkenny Circuit Criminal Court that the attendance of those called for jury service had been poor.

He warned that there is provision for prosecution for those who failed to attend and said the county registrar will be investigating the reasons behind the failure to attend.

Addressing those called for jury service who did attend, Judge Aylmer said the judicial system could not operate without juries.

“Attendance was rather poor and I hope you don’t feel foolish for attending because there is provision for prosecution for not attending, he said.