Dungloe Outdoor Swimming Pool - The Pond - to re-open shortly

Tom Comack


Tom Comack


Dungloe Pond re-opening shortly

Dungloe Outdoor Swimming Pool/ Pond re-opening shortly

Dungloe's Outdoor swimming pool on the Quay Road, is due to be back in operation for the summer season.

Refurbishment work on the pool - better known locally as the Pond on the Quay Road in Dungloe is nearing completion.
It is expected the popular local amenity, which was very popular with locals and visitors in the 1960s and ‘70s, is expected to be open in time for the new summer season.
“It is a great amenity and it is good to see it being restored and we hope to see it open again early next month.”

It is also hoped to link the pool with the Town Centre by a new walkway/cycleway that is in an advanced stage of planning. The 900 metre long Walkway/cycleway is planned to run for the playing fields and playground in the main car park in the town out along t