The trial of the man charged with the murder of Danielle McLaughlin hears evidence of where she was found

Local man Vikat Bhagat has been charged with the murder and rape in Goa

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Memorial vigil in Donegal this evening for Danielle

Danielle McLaughlin, centre, pictured during an earlier trip to Asia.

A farmer who found the body of murdered Donegal woman  Danielle McLaughlin has been giving evidence today at the trial of Vikat Bhagat, who has been charged with her murder and rape.

The 28-year-old was found lying dead in an isolated stretch of land between Agonda and Canacona beaches in Goa on March 13th last year.

Prashant Komarpanth, the farmer who found the body on the way to his farm, said he found the body on a secluded stretch of land, off a highway.

“The area is often visited by couples and groups (of tourists). They sit around and drink, and leave empty bottles around.”

The Irish Independent is reporting that the mediator’s report which records all pieces of evidence found at the scene, including a sketch and description of the scene, along with noting the persons present at the scene of the offence was stored on a hard disc but could not be presented before the court because of a password discrepancy.

Judge Sayonara Telles, who is presiding over the case, ordered the password to be recovered, by the next hearing which will be held on April 24th.