New support group aims to raise awareness of Dyspraxia in Donegal

Donegal Dyspraxia Support Group is holding a meeting later this month

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

New support group aims to raise more awareness of Dyspraxia

A new support group for sufferers of Dyspraxia and their families in Donegal is holding an information meeting later this month.
Donegal Dyspraxia Support Group is holding the event titled Dyspraxia and Anxiety.
The event will be held at the Strand Hotel, Ballyliffin on Wednesday, March 28th from 7pm to 9pm .
Dyspraxia, also known as developmental coordination disorder, is a disability that affects movement and coordination. It is thought to be caused by a disruption in the way messages from the brain are transmitted to the body.
Dyspraxia is characterised by difficulty in planning smooth, coordinated movements. This leads to clumsiness, lack of coordination, problems with language, perception, and thought.
Symptoms are normally noticeable from an early age. Dyspraxia used to be known as clumsy child syndrome.
Seventeen-year-old Dyspraxia sufferer Sarah Ann will talk about her journey with dyspraxia and anxiety, followed by a talk delivered by Harry Conway, CEO of Dyspraxia Ireland.
Alison Doherty of Donegal Dyspraxia Support Group said the aim of the meeting is to raise more awareness of Dyspraxia in Donegal, in children and adults.
“Hopefully a parents support group can be set up in Inishowen and get forgotten Donegal on the map again. We would encourage professionals also to get on board, and make this a success, and hopefully get more meetings delivered in Donegal. Everyone is most welcome to attend from near and far.”