Call for public lighting at dangerous crossroads near Ballyshannon

Michael Daly


Michael Daly


A call for public lighting to be placed on what was described as a "dangerous" crossroads near Ballyshannon has been made by a local councillor.

Speaking at the Donegal Municipal District meeting today in Donegal Town, Cllr Barry O'Neill said there were a number of incidents at the crossroads over recent years and sadly a fatal accident in recent times at the Cavangarden/Cashelard crossroads north of Ballyshannon.

He said the road was busy and potentially dangerous. He cited examples of other similar junctions across the county which were lit and wondered why the Cashelard/Cavangarden one had been excluded. "There is no lighting there at all and there have been traffic accidents and sadly one fatality," he said.

He said the people of the area "deserve" that this crossroads should be looked at.

An official at the meeting undertook to raise his concerns with Transport Infrastructure Ireland in terms of assessment of the need for public lighting to be placed there as suggested by Cllr O'Neill.