A tale of inspiration at the Cara Bundoran Challenge

How Olga and Grace captured the hearts of so many in Bundoran

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Cara Bundoran

A great send off at the Cara Bundoran Challenge for Grace Gilliland from her mother, Olga, Canice Nicholas and members of the St. Agnes Day Centre in Donegal town. INDD 1303 Cara 24 MVB

As the Cara Bundoran Challenge broke all records once again with 3,200 athletes taking part in the event, there were many tales of inspiration throughout the weekend.
Many ran to challenge their own personal best times but many also had their own personal challenges.
Recovered cancer sufferers, those who had life threatening cardiac problems or others who had suffered from mental health issues all mingled anonymously among the crowds.

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However, one competitor who, over the last 20 years has tended to her daughter who suffers from Rett Syndrome captured the hearts and minds of practically everyone in Bundoran on Saturday. Olga Gilliland took it upon herself to register herself and her daughter Grace for the Cara 10k to raise money for a bus for the St. Agnes Day Care Centre in Donegal town which Grace attends.
She was joined by many others who use the centre and got a massive send off at the start and as they all finished together, the champagne flowed.
Olga has raised over €8,000 on this event alone for this much needed facility and said: “This is not for Grace or indeed for any of us. This facility will give so much added comfort to the many users of the centre. It really will enhance their lives.”

A well deserved drop of champagne for Grace from her mother Olga after completing the Cara 10. INDD 1303 Cara 100 MVB