Man jailed in UK for involvement in Donegal GAA Internet scam in 2013


Tom Comack


Tom Comack

Man jailed in UK for involvement in Donegal GAA Internet scam in 2013

Donegal GAA chiefs have confirmed a man has been convicted in a court in the UK for his part in an internet scam that stung Donegal GAA for a large sum of money.

The scam, which dates back to August 2013, involved the hacking into the Donegal treasurer’s email address.

The hacker then used the address to issue instructions to members of the board’s administrative staff to transfer a large sum of money to an account in the UK.

The account was in a bank in Reading and the sum in question was reported at the time to be Stg £15,000.

Donegal chairman, Mick McGrath, confirmed in a brief statement to the Donegal county committee on Monday night that a man had been in court in the UK.

The chairman was responding to a request from Grace Boyle, who was the Donegal treasurer at the time of the scam.

The former treasurer had asked at the previous month’s county committee meeting for information on how the case had gone.

The chairman also confirmed the man in question received a seven month suspended sentence and ordered to repay the Donegal board Stg£2,500 in instalments of Stg£100 per month.

The man was not thought to be the hacker but had withdrawn the money from the bank account.

The incident happened at the beginning of August, 2013, and was reported to the Gardai almost within hours of it happening.

The Democrat  learned at the time that the money was still in the bank account when the matter was reported.

However, for legal reasons, it is believed the bank was powerless to stop the transaction before the money was withdrawn and the account cleaned out.

The chairman did not allow any comment on the matter at Monday night’s meeting.

And he did not wish to comment other than to confirm he did read the statement on Monday night when contacted by the Democrat.