Donegal man charged with domestic violence in Spain

Letterkenny man in court in Ibiza

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Staff Reporter


Donegal man in court

Michael Murray pictured following his appearance at a Spanish court. Photo: German Lama/El Mundo.

A 54-year-old Donegal man has been charged with domestic violence in the Spanish island of Ibiza.
Michael Murray from Letterkenny, appeared in court in the Balearic Islands charged with domestic violence against his partner.
Mr Murray, who played soccer for a number of local clubs in Donegal, was arrested after his alleged victim tried to commit suicide with a knife.
The Daily Star reported that the incident occurred at a shop in Ibiza Town.
The woman, a 47-year-old also from Ireland, was admitted to intensive care at a local hospital.
A Spanish National Police spokesman said: “National Police have arrested a 54-year-old man for domestic violence after allegedly having inflicted his partner to physical and sexual abuse over three days.
“His 47-year-old partner, after allegedly being held against her will during those three days and suffering several episodes of violence, was able to escape and on Monday took refuge inside a shop near their home.
“She got hold of a Stanley knife inside the shop and cut her wrists and neck before stabbing herself in the stomach with another knife before anyone could stop her."
Mr Murray has been remanded in custody to appear at a future sitting of the court.