Call for action on pothole crisis in Donegal

Large number of complaints from members of the public about potholes, councillor says

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Potholes like this one near Drumkeen have become an all to common site on Donegal roads. 1002cg44

Action has been called for to deal with what has been described as a crisis on the roads in one part of Donegal.
An emergency funding application is to be made to deal with potholes in the Finn Valley.
Local county councillor Patrick McGowan has demanded immediate action to tackle potholed roads across the Stranorlar MD area.
He said there has been a large number of complaints from members of the public about potholes across the Stranorlar Municipal District.
The councillor has been lobbying officials to offer overtime to roads crews as the evenings are getting brighter and to work on Satu until the crises in our Roads has been satisfactorily dealt with.
“Many roads in the Stranorlar Municipal District have deteriorated since the beginning of the year due to a number of factors including prolonged snow, frost and rain and given the altitude of this municipal district, it tends to get the brunt of the snow and frost. There have been added problems with the ongoing maintenance of the N15 especially in Ballybofey and Stranorlar main streets up towards Cappry.
He said he understands that an emergency funding application is being finalised by the council for the Twin Towns Main Street.
“In the interim, the area staff are monitoring this road regularly and pothole repairs are prioritised on it as the need arises,” he added.
“I have also been advised that the Council would be carrying out early surfacing of the storm-damaged roads to reduce maintenance and confirmed that contracts have commenced.
The decision on additional resources including staff and machinery will be decided this week, is to be welcomed.
“People are paying through the nose for car insurance, property tax, car tax, VRT, petrol, diesel Vat and are expected to NCT their vehicles while all the time driving through potholed roads. It has to stop and the minister needs to forget creating more congested in cities and start maintaining our existing roads.”