Parents of children attending Donegal town's Cleary Centre fear plan delay

Concern from the parents over application for capital funding for a new centre

Michael Daly


Michael Daly

HSE plans for Donegal centre finalised

The Cleary Centre in Donegal town.

Parents of adults with intellectual disabilities attending the Cleary Centre in Donegal Town say they have been “let down” by the HSE over their apparent failure to submit a capital funding plan in time.
However, in a response to this, the HSE say the application is complete and will be considered at the key meeting for such proposals to be held in March.
Concern from the parents arose when they read a letter to Deputy Thomas Pringle stating that an application for capital funding for a new centre had not been submitted despite assurances this would happen.
In a statement issued on Monday to the Donegal Democrat and Donegal People's Press on behalf of the Parents & Friends of the Cleary Centre they say they are “appalled to learn that the application for capital funding was not submitted after all the hours of meetings put in by parents and local meetings where clients attended also”.
In their statement the 'Friends' explain how they were informed on February 15th that the application was not submitted via correspondence received by Deputy Thomas Pringle.
In a letter dated February 15th, 2018 from the HSE’s Head of Estates, Deputy Pringle was informed that “no submission in relation to the Cleary Centre, Donegal Town was received by 31st January 2018”. The letter added that submissions that were received by the January 31st deadline are to be considered at a meeting due to be held on March 12th, 2018.

However, in a response to a Democrat query, the HSE appear to contradict this and they say “a capital submission for a new Intellectual Disability day services is complete and is due for consideration at the next HSE National Capital & Property Steering Group.”
The HSE added: “While it was anticipated that decision would be made in November 2017 the national process has been delayed. A new date for HSE National Capital & Property Steering Group is currently scheduled for the 12th March 2018.”
The Parents & Friends of the Cleary Centre say they are worried that if the deadline has been missed as indicated in the reply to Deputy Pringle, it could mean “at least a delay of a year or more which is hugely frustrating.”