Group demand inquest on Mary Boyle from Donegal coroner

Campaigners to hold peaceful protest outside the coroner’s surgery

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Vigil tomorrow in Cashelard for Mary Boyle

Mary Boyle

The Justice for Mary Boyle campaign have called on the Donegal coroner to hold an inquest into Ireland’s longest missing child.
This year marks the 41st anniversary since six-year-old Mary Boyle went missing just outside Ballyshannon on March 18th, 1977.
Joe Craig, Mary’s cousin, who leads the group Justice for Mary Boyle, thinks it’s “past time”now that the county coroner held an inquest into Mary’s disappearance.
Craig said that there should have already been an inquest held and stated that the family don’t believe any of the excuses given so far to be ‘up to scratch’.
“I think it’s actually a disgrace that it went this far and it took this long and that people are having to push for it,” he said.
Supporters for the group are joining forces and planning to hold a peaceful protest outside the coroner’s surgery in Ballybofey in March to commemorate the 41st anniversary since the little girl disappeared from her grandparents' home in Cashelard.