Animals In Need Donegal urging people to adopt a black cat

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Animals In Need Donegal urging people to adopt a black cat

Kane, Kyle and Kobi - AIN Donegal is trying to find forever homes for the gorgeous black cats currently in their care.

It's Adopt a Lucky Black Cat week at Animals In Need Donegal (AIN) in an attempt to find forever homes for the gorgeous black cats currently in their care.

AIN has 55 cats in foster homes around the county at the moment, of which 25 are black or tuxedo cats.

An AIN spokesperson explains why black cats deserve a special mention "Black cats are always getting overlooked.  Whether this is because of old fashioned superstitions that they're unlucky or because they can be difficult to photograph, time and time again we see them being left behind."

Which is why every day this week Animals In Need will be featuring a selection of the black beauties currently in their care along with Black Cat Facts of the Day on their Facebook page

Animals In Need continued "Black cats have had a bad rap since the Dark Ages when they were believed to be witches' cohorts and they had a terrible time as a result, but then again so did women who basically were making herbal tea, and hopefully we've all moved on since then."

Contrary to outdated superstitions, black cats are believed to be lucky in numerous cultures around the World.  

In Scotland a black cat appearing on your doorstep is a sign of prosperity.  In Northern England a black cat given as a wedding present is thought to bring good luck to the bride.  In the south of France black cats are called ‘magician cats’ and feeding and treating them well is believed to bring good luck to the owner.  In Northern Europe it is considered that taking in and caring for a black cat can ensure fair weather and safe passage during voyages on the sea.  In Asia owning a black cat brings good luck.  In Italy, if you hear a black cat sneeze, you are in for a streak of good luck and in Japan, if a black cat crosses their path, they say ‘Konichiwa’ and take control of their own luck.

The rich and famous certainly appreciate having a mini panther around the place, and black cats have graced the homes of a multitude of stars including Marlon Brando, Brigitte Bardot, John Lennon, George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Russell Brand, Jane Mansfield, Frank Zappa and George Clinton.

The Animals In Need spokesperson concluded "If you would be interested in offering a forever home to one of these adorable black cats or kittens, please contact the cat helpline on 0877644420 for more information.  Let's face it, black cats are the epitome of cool.  They're shiny, they're silky and they have great personalities.  What's not to love?"

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