Ballyshannon and Bundoran abandoned by its TDs - Cllr O'Neill

Declan Magee


Declan Magee


Ballyshannon and Bundoran abandoned by its TDs  - Cllr O'Neill

Fine Gael councillor Barr O'Neill has questioned what all four Sligo-Leitrim TDs have done for Ballyshannion (pictured) and Bundoran.

The four TDs who represent Ballyshannon and Bundoran in the Sligo-Leitrim constituency have been criticised for abandoning south Donegal.
A local councillor has rounded on the four Dáil representatives for failing to have a big enough presence on the ground and not doing enough to help attract investment to the area.
Ballyshannon county councillor Barry O’Neill made the comments following the announcement of 13 job losses at Celtic Weave in Ballyshannon which is closing after 32 years in businesses.
The company said the closure was due to personal circumstances and it is not going into liquidation.
Under 9,000 people in nine electoral divisions in south Donegal were transferred to the Sligo-Leitrim constituency for the 2016 general election. The electoral divisions are to remain in the constituency for the next general election.
The constituency is represented by Tony McLoughlin (FG), Martin Kenny (SF), Eamon Scanlon (FF) and Marc MacSharry (FF).
Cllr. Barry O'Neill (FG), said his comments were not personal.
“They would rather be representing Sligo-Leitrim. It's nothing personal against any of the four TDs. They don’t have a love for south Donegal. They are Sligo-Leitrim people first and foremost and every time they go to Dublin they are thinking of their home areas. They are not thinking of this little chunk of Donegal which was thrown in there to make up the numbers.”
He said he had not heard or seen any expressions of regrets at the closure of Ballyshannon’s last manufacturing business from any of the area’s TDs.
“Thirteen jobs lost in Ballyshannon is the equivalent of 100 jobs in Sligo,” he said.
“If 100 jobs were lost in the Finisklin industrial estate in Sligo, you would have the four TDs banging on the gates to get in to meet management to try and do everything in their power to keep it open.”
The councillor said he had not seen any initiatives from the TDs for Ballyshannon and Bundoran.
“I am not having a go at any political party,” he said. “I get a newsletter from my own party as a constituent in Sligo-Leitrim and Donegal is not mentioned in the newsletter.”