Out of cash Bank of Ireland ATMs in Ballyshannon and Bundoran causing annoyance

Gerry McLaughlin


Gerry McLaughlin


Out of cash Bank of Ireland ATMs in Ballyshannon and Bundoran causing annoyance

Many Bank of Ireland customers in Ballyshannon and Bundoran are unhappy this afternoon as they are unable to get cash from the ATM’s in both towns on Christmas Eve.

With most people making their final Christmas gift purchases and paying for fresh groceries they prefer to buy on Christmas Eve, today is one of the busiest shopping days across the country and county.

When this reporter tried to draw out cash from the ATM in Ballyshannon, he was approached by a man and woman from Ballyshannon who told him that the ATM was not giving out any cash.

This was around 12 noon today (Christmas Eve) and both individuals said this was a disgrace and should be highlighted in the local media. They also claimed that this particular ATM had been out of order on a number of weekends in recent weeks.

The woman told the Democrat that this was the final insult to her native town.

“It is Christmas Eve in Ballyshannon and now we can’t even get money out of our local bank machine. What are they thinking of."

In Bundoran, when this reporter checked the Bank of Ireland ATM machine at 2.15 pm it also was unable to dispense cash.

At 3.15pm today, shortly before posting this story, the Democrat confirmed that the BOI ATM in Ballyshannon remains closed with an Out of Order sign on it.

Meanwhile the Allied Irish Bank ATM, in Ballyshannon is working and has seen queues of varying lengths throughout the day as people withdraw cash.