Traffic calming planned after near misses at Donegal school

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Traffic calming planned after near misses at Donegal school

From left to right: Raphael Meehan, teacher; Principal Anita Finnerty; and community activist Liam Whyte at St Mary's National School, Ardara.

Traffic calming measures are to be carried out at St Mary’s National School in Ardara to deal with ongoing concerns shared by parents and staff.

The school is on the main road between Ardara and Glenties, one of the busiest stretches of road in the town, and locals say there have been a number of near accidents in recent times.

Increased traffic and a growing enrolment at the school have seen concerns grow about traffic volumes and speed at pick up and drop off times.

This week school staff met with council staff and agreement has been made for the introduction of traffic calming measures.

Local councillor Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig, who attended the meeting, said it is hoped that traffic lights could be introduced at the school.

“The problem with the school is that there is no proper parking and the N56 is a very busy road. There was a meeting requested between the school principal and the council's road safety department. There was a list of proposals and the council will write to Transport Infrastructure requesting traffic lights.

“It’s encouraging that the council and the school community are moving forward but I also believe that in relation to traffic safety there is a responsibility on motorists driving past the school and parents to be conscious of road safety.”

Local community activist in Ardara, Liam Whyte, said there had been a near miss in the last two weeks at the school. “The council has carried out a traffic survey and that has confirmed that the speed and volume of traffic at the school at peak times are a concern,” he said.