Weather in Donegal - Thursday, December 21st

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Weekend Weather for Donegal

Today will continue cloudy and misty with just patchy rain or drizzle. Rain will become persistent later in the afternoon and evening. Mild with temperatures staying around 10 to 12 degrees in a light to moderate southwesterly breeze .

Tonight rain will become widespread and prolonged before clearing eastwards later in the night and towards morning. Staying mild and misty with lowest temperatures around 8 to 11 degrees in mostly light south to southwesterly breezes.

Tomorrow morning will be damp and misty with any overnight rain soon clearing. It will be a cloudy and mostly dry day with just patchy light rain or drizzle. Staying mild with top temperatures again of 10 to 12 degrees in mainly light to moderate west to southwesterly breezes but winds will freshen near northwest coasts later.