13-year-old Donegal boy bitten in face by dog awarded €35,000

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Democrat Reporter


13-year-old Donegal boy bitten in face by dog awarded €35,000

A 13-year-old boy, who was bitten in the face by a dog at a beach in west Donegal, has been awarded €35,000 at Letterkenny Circuit Court.

Counsel for the boy, Declan McHugh, told the court the boy had been at the seaside with his father when a dog bit him in the face on June 12, 2016. Mr McHugh said the boy was taken to Letterkenny University Hospital with injuries to the bridge of his nose and his upper and lower lips.

The boy had been deeply traumatised by the incident and had to eat through a straw and his mother had to syringe feed him at times. The court heard the boy was very athletic and had missed out on a bit of football. 

There was a dog in his own home with whom he got on well. But every time a dog barks the boy feels a bit intimidated, the court was told.

A report in court from a plastic surgeon stated that the boy could be operated on when he matures.

After looking at the scars on the boy’s face, Judge John Aylmer said he was happy to approve the award of €35,000.

The court awarded €500 to the 13 year-old to be used at the boy's own discretion. The judge said the boy certainly deserved “something after all he has been through”.