Drivers urged to slow down as dangerous conditions cause minor accidents

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Drivers urged to slow down  after dangerous conditions leads to minor accidents

Gardaí in Donegal are urging drivers to exercise caution on all roads around the county this morning following a number of minor road accidents.

Snow, hail, and sleet combined with freezing temperatures have left many roads, including main roads, in a treacherous condition.

Hail showers this morning have added to the dangerous conditions.

Gardaí are calling on motorists to allow extra time for journeys, to leave plenty of braking distance between the vehicle in front and to drive at a sensible speed.

Inspector Michael Harrison said there have been reports of a number of minor accidents but no serious incidents.

He warned drivers to slow down. “I have been on the roads this morning and drivers are driving too fast. Roads are slippery and people need to allow extra braking distance. The roads will improve as the day goes on but even the main roads are not great. Some drivers really are driving too fast. A lot of side roads are very bad and drivers need to be very, very careful with them.”