Ban on smoky coal to be extended to all of Donegal

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Ban on smokey coal to be extended to all of Donegal

The ban on the sale of smoky coal is to be extended to all of Donegal next year.

A ban has been in place on burning smokey in larger towns for a number of years and a plan is now in place for the ban to be extended nationwide.

Letterkenny introduced a ban in 2015.

The ban has allowed significant falls in respiratory problems and premature deaths from the effects of burning smoky coal.

The original ban in Dublin is estimated to have saved in the region of 8,000 lives since its introduction in 1990. The department of environment says further health, environmental and economic benefits estimated at €53m per year will be realised if the ban is extended nationwide.

The burning of bituminous or smoky coal is one the worst offenders when it comes to air pollution, including particulate matter and sulphur dioxide.